The Product

Our router can be:
  • scaled in an optimal manner;
  • built out of smaller routers (Cisco, Lucent, Juniper, etc);
  • made fault tolerant via a fractional increase in hardware; and
  • efficient in handling voice, video, and data.


The Value

Our router:
  • minimizes hardware;
  • is optimized for voice and video traffic;
  • achieves a telco level of reliability from datacom components;
  • supports multicasts in an efficient manner; and
  • provides an open systems alternative.


The Impact

We believe:
  • our LegoTM block approach to terabit routers will inspire a "workstation versus mainframe" restructuring of the terabit router market;

  • our open platform approach to terabit routers will result in a "open platform PC versus closed platform Macintosh" scenario;

  • our approach to fault tolerance will affect fault tolerance in much the same was as RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) has affected the mass storage market; and

  • our integrated IP-based approach to handling voice, video, and data will erode the voice-only and data-only markets.


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